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The Internal Quality Assurance Cell Committee meeting was held in June 2019 for evaluation of various activities done in the academic year 2018-19, and for planning of various action plans for academic year 2019-20 headed by the Chairman Dr. Navneet kumar Singh, I/C Principal, Dr. I. P. Patel Institute of Medical Technology and Research. I/C Principal welcomed all the members of the Committee and explained the various aspects of  IQAC decisions in the functioning of the College for the development of teacher and students. The Minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and discussion was made on various issues raised during implementation of the various guidelines and activities done. The responsibility of various areas were distributed amongst the members with the temperament all around for effective operation of planned action. In the end the chairman thanks all the members for their time and valuable inputs in the meeting.

Date                     Time                         Venue                     Convener and Coordinator
14/7/201911:30 A.M.IQAC roomMs. Tamanna Ahuja


To make quality professionals in Medical Laboratory Technology through combination of skill development and acquiring knowledge through baseline to modern advancement.


  • To give training regarding basic laboratory principles and procedures as a Medical laboratory professional the  backbone of  healthcare field.
  • To develop specific abilities such as creativity,critical thinking and  self regulated  thinking in course of learning and preparation of research.
  • Our institute is dedicated to create young paramedical professionals of higher caliber to professionally manage and assist in the field of Pathology, Blood banking, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Histopathology and blood banking.
  • Learning of  Quality control and automation for getting prosperous future in the the current profession
  • To develop high morals in Laboratory professionals to serve the Society with ethical principles and universal values.


  • To build out a system for strategic and synergistic development of academic and experimental performance of our medical laboratory professionals.
  • To boost our institution ramification towards quality improvement through best paramedic practices.
  • To implicit need based academics and vocational education program me for livelihood and lifelong learning.
  • To providing primary diagnostic services for the welfare of economically handicapped  group.

Composition of IQAC

Dr. Indravadan. P. Patel Institute of Medical Technology and Research, Anand

Sr. No.
Dr. Navneetkumar Singh
2Teachers’ representative

Dr. Vikul Patel

Ms. Tamanna Ahuja

Ms. Ankita Bhatia

Ms. Miral Patel

Ms. Mitali Patel

3One member from Management
Shree Harendra Bhatt (Secretary)
4Senior Administrative officer

Mr. Jaykishanbhai Shah

Mr. Milanbhai Patel

5One nominee each from Local Society, Students and Alumni
  1. Shreya Yadav
  2. Pallavi Baria
  3. Karan Jaiswal  (Alumni)
6One nominee each from employer/ industrialist/ stakeholder
  1. Dr. Ishita Patel (Registrar, APMS campus)
  2. Dr. Dineshbhai D. Patel (Industrialist) (Stake holder)
  3. Mr. Paresh Madhiwala
7One of the senior teacher as coordinator / Director of IQACMs. Tamanna Ahuja


  • Annual Strategic Meet
  • IQAC activities
  • College Website upgradation
  • Promotion Student Research and publication
  • Organizing of Faculty Development Programme
  • Preparation of academic planner 
    1.      Internal examination schedule
    2.      Timelines for submission of assignments 
    3.      Arrangements for special supplementary examinations 
    4.      Strategies to deal with student absenteeism 
    5.      Measures to improve performance of slow learners 
    6.      Offering the help to clear the backlog of previous year
  • Scheduling of Co-curricular activities
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Parents teachers meet
  • Alumni association
  • Preparation of AQAR
  • Assignment of responsibilities and charge of various committees
  • Research activities and upgradation action for faculties
  • Scholarship and fee wavier
  • Observation of Special Days and Awareness Drives


Month-wise activities done by Dr. I. P. Patel Institute of Medical Technology and Research during the academic year 2018-19

IQAC meet
July 2018

Orientation program for the students to make them aware about the Institutional rules and regulations

Introduction of anti-ragging cell, their members and their activities

Introduction of women cell, their members and activities


Guest lecture on Scope of Medical Laboratory Technology field by our alumni and the pathology laboratory owner Mr. Shyamraj Yadav from Surat on 4/8/18.

Elocution competition was held on ‘woman empowerment’ on 30/8/18.

Teachers day celebration was done by the students 5/9/18 followed by an entertainment program.

An introductory program was arranged to make the students aware about the online scholarship schemes on 10/10/18.

Participation of students in ‘Raas-Garba’ competition which was arranged by combine efforts of Commissionershree youth cultural activities and sports, Gandhinagar with APMS. Students of Shree P. M. Patel Paramedical college secured first position in Arvachin Garba competition on 23/10/18.

Guest lecture by Dr. Gopal G Gopal on the topic of ‘Application of chemistry and mathematics in biology’ on 29/11/18 to extend the aptitude of the students in the laboratory.

AIDS awareness program was arranged by faculties and students on world AIDS day (1/12/18). A small informative video was shown to the students followed by lecture of Dr. Meghna Patel and Ms. Zeel Madhiwala on the technical details of diagnostic tests for HIV.

Arrangement of Blood donation camp was done on 15/12/18 in association with Red cross and HDFC bank, where in 109 blood bags were collected. The paramedical students also witnessed various technical details related with collection of clinical history of the donor and phlebotomy.

Christmas was celebrated by students and faculties along with Evengelical Union group of UESI (Christian group) on 21/12/18.

Celebration of Fresher’s party was done at City point restaurant by students and faculties of Dr. I. P. Patel Institute of Medical Technology and Research on 26/12/2018.

Guest lecture on the entrepreneurship by Ms. Kalpesh Ladhavala, Managing director, Wallper healthcare, Ahmedabad was arranged on 31/12/18 to guide the students about various opportunities and threats to start up their own business in healthcare sector.

Parents meeting was arranged on 28/2/19 to have direct communication between parents and faculties and to inform the parents about their ward’s academic report, attendance and their overall behavior in the campus. The meeting was followed by the counselling session for students and parents about their academic upgradation and future scopes.

No petrol day was celebrated on 10/3/19 by students where in the students living in Anand had used bicycle to come to the college.

Tree plantation day was celebrated by students by planting 5 trees in the campus and bringing 5 potted plants to be placed near the laboratory area on 11/3/19.

Inter-institutional poster making competition was arranged on the topic of ‘Say No to Plastic’ on 13/3/19.

Exit meet was arranged on 13/3/19 for M.Sc. Part II and DMLT students which was followed by collection of students’ feedback for the college and faculties.

Faculties have actively participated in one-day workshop on Moodle E-Learning management system which was organized in APMS by IIT Mumbai on 15th March 2019.

Guest lecture by Dr. Smita Rajani, Assistant Professor, SCET on the topic of the immunological Techniques and their application on 24/3/19.


Staff meeting was arranged on 8/4/19 to review and discuss about the feedback and check the probability of their application.

All the faculties were enrolled in Faculty development program on topic of ‘E Learning Management System’ during 15/4/2019 to 27/4/2019.


Annual IQAC meet

Staff meeting for allotment of various responsibilities of the faculties and distribution of the syllabus and allotment of the subject headship.

Making the yearly planner and scheduling various curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Discussion about various topics for dissertation work for M.Sc. students and planning of publishing their dissertation work


Welcome and orientation of the students for the academic year 2019-20 was done on 15/7/19. Students were guided about the various facts related with the institutional rules and regulations and various amenities available to them.

Awareness program was held on 15/7/19 about the various activities and assistance provided by the women cell APMS, under the guidance of registrar Dr. Ishita Patel.

Celebration of Gurupurnima was done on 17/7/19 followed by refreshments.


Awareness program about the sign and symptoms as well as the first aids and CVR technique for cardiac arrest was arranged on 14/8/19. The program was conducted by the team of Zydus hospital, technically supported by Mr. Danish Macwan, Mr. Jwalant Mehta and Mr. Danish Swami.

Thalassemia awareness and screening program was held on 10/8/19 in association with Indian Red cross society.

The program includes the informative lecture by Mr. Upendra Bhoi from Indian Red cross Society and Dr. Vikul Patel from APMS campus followed by blood collection for the screening purpose

Distribution of the reports for thalassemia screening program on 19/8/19

Quality Assurance

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