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        If you have a methodical, scientific mind and enjoy carrying out experiments, a career in toxicology may be for you

        As toxicologist, you'll look at the impact that toxic materials and radiation have on the environment and human  and animal health. You'll plan and carry out laboratory and field studies that help to identify, monitor and evaluate its impact and will also consider the use of future technology.

Area of Work

        The tasks that to be carried out will vary depending on the specific area of work but in general, following is area of work.

  1. Isolating, identifying and measuring toxic substances or radiation and any harmful effect they have on humans, animals, plants or ecosystems;
  2. Planning and carrying out a wide range of experiments in the field or laboratories, looking at the biological systems of plants and animals;
  3. Analyzing and evaluating statistical data and researching scientific literature;
  4. Writing reports and scientific papers, presenting findings and, in the case of forensic work, giving evidence in court;
  5. Advising on the safe handling of toxic substances and radiation, in production or in the event of an accident;
  6. Studying the effects of harmful chemicals, biological agents and drug overdose on people and advising on the treatment of affected patients;
  7. Liaising with regulatory authorities to make sure you're complying with local, national and international regulations.

Scope In India

Employers include private companies in a range of industries, government departments and contract research organizations (CROs). You may find work in the following areas of toxicology:
Academic - universities or research centers;
Analytical and clinical - large district hospitals and specialist regional Toxicology.
Eco toxicology - environmental hazard assessment in government, industry and private consultancy;
Forensic - private forensic laboratories, forensic departments of hospitals or within government departments such as the Home Office;
Industrial and pharmaceutical - various industries including chemical, Biotechnology or food;
Occupational within companies, liaising with the Health and Safety Executive.

Scope Outside India

  • British Toxicology Society (BTS)
  • Nature Jobs
  • New Scientist Jobs
  • NHS Jobs
  • NHS Scotland Recruitment

Third Largest Group of Health Professionals: After Physicians And Nurses

Job Opportunities :-

  • Govt. & MNC Hospitals
  • Private Laboratories
  • Public Health Labs
  • Physicians' Office Labs
  • Veterans' Hospitals
  • Crime Labs
  • Research & Development
  • Diagnostics Companies
  • Pathology Assistant
  • Health Maintenance Organizations
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Transplant Services
  • Blood Banks
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Humanitarian Agencies
  • Project HOPE
  • Peace-Corp

Government Job :- Every year many of the Students have been selected for Government post, i.e. Medical Lab Technician / Technologist